Why would A Successful Spiritual Mentor
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On How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income For Your Business
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It’s simple…

“The World Needs More Soul-Led Coaches, Teachers, Healers
And Service-Based Entrepreneurs” - Tom Cronin

The biggest problem for most spiritual business owners is cash flow - it’s inconsistent.

Over the past 10 years, I have devised, revised and customised a business model that has generated thousands of dollars for my clients & my own business.

Now that I know it’s full proof (worked during the pandemic) I feel it’s time to share it with others who are in the same position I once was when I started out.

Ascension Business Blueprint

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll discover in the “The Ascension Business Blueprint” FREE guide & mini-course

The discovery that took my business from “drying out” to hitting $20k weeks (HINT: it has nothing to do with getting NEW clients!)

How one of my clients hit $50k in just one month during the pandemic while the world was at a halt.

What is ‘premium proximity’ and how it’s used to land High-Paying ($9k) clients.

A multi-layered business blueprint that enables growth for your clients and diverse sources of revenue for you.

Two prime principles to authentically grow your business (without these you limit your business to making $3k per month).

BONUS #1: 30-Day-Multi-Platform Content Planner


BONUS #2: The Ascension Business Cheatsheet - fill in the blank guide for creating multiple streams of income.

BONUS #3: A chance to hop on a Strategy Session with me personally and show you how to plug the Ascension Business Blueprint into your business .(Value: $497)



Hey, I’m Tom Cronin, and back when I was once in your shoes… I started my journey off as a meditation teacher who struggled to “make ends meet” with my business. After leaving a multiple six-figure salary in finance with a family of four to feed, I was forced to sell our family home because money quickly shifted from abundant to scarce.

10 years and thousands of lives changed later…

I’m now known as a transformation and spiritual business mentor to hundreds of clients, a corporate trainer recognised by top companies like Coca-Cola, UBS, NOVA FM as a leadership expert, author to 6 books, Producer & Co-Writer of the hit documentary film The Portal, Founder of The Stillness Project (a movement to inspire one billion people to meditate daily)...

I'm often introduced at events and on stage as The King Of Calm!

I could go on here and tell you about all the events I’ve spoken at, companies that I work closely with (like Amazon) and TV shows I’ve been featured on. But this isn’t about me…

It’s about you!

And The Ascension Business Blueprint is for those of you who are keen on having a scalable soul-led business without spending years of trial & error (like me).

Plug it into your business to create an action plan that gets you results, FAST.

If you are interested in joining hundreds of my clients and want to take the exact same steps that I will show you on the call on how to have a spiritual business that has no financial limits then…

Ascension Business Blueprint