Realising full potential with Self Actualisation

Fear of success or the fear of being one’s best is known as The Jonah complex. Self-actualisation, or realising one’s own potential, is hampered by this dread. It is the fear of one’s own brilliance, avoiding one’s destiny, or failing to use one’s abilities.

Let’s talk more about this issue so we can work out what the best course of action is for overcoming this fear…

Have you ever had a really persistent brain fog?

It was getting in the way of your work and your mind just feels like a cluttered bedroom.

As a result, you’re unable to give it your all.

You know you can do more. In fact, you know you can do a LOT more.


‘Little’ things like brain fog and procrastination just comes around and sweeps your big dreams right out the window.

And a common misconception is thinking that it’s your fault.

Which just pulls you deeper into that state of mind.

It’s not.

Traits like ‘lazy’ and ‘self-sabotaging’ can be incredibly easy to identify with in times of stress and high pressure.

And we also live in a world that’s filled with endless distraction.

With things like smartphones, HD Televisions, computers, billboards… It leads us to operate in a state we were not meant to spend extended periods of time in.

Fight or flight. Anxiety. Stress.

Whatever you call it, it’s something we know all too well.

And what this does is it occupies and distracts your focus. It steers you away from your true state, an expansive state of higher consciousness with unlimited potential.


The process of achieving self actualisation is more so a process of discovery than work.

There may be some hostility to the process. It will be a long and difficult procedure.

But what you’re really doing is getting rid of all the clutter and residue that has accumulated over decades of contemporary life. There is no better way to do this than through meditation.

It can help you feel relaxed and clear-headed and have a clear view of our deepest selves. It helps clear away the distractions, doubts and fears.

You may be able to experience what most people refer to as “awakening” with continued practise. An awakening experience is defined as “an activation of higher consciousness or an increase in our awareness as souls.”

And being in control of your thoughts can boost your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-acceptance.

We finally have enough courage to start building a relationship with our deeper Self. We start to realise what we’re truly capable of.

Which is when things start to get more ‘aligned’ and everything you do is an impeccable reflection of your True Self.

And that is when things really start to take off and be in flow.

Most people perceive the road to getting “there” as one that is exhausting and costly. But if they take the time to listen in, they begin to operate in higher states where now they’re on a far easier, more blissful path that takes them where they want to go… faster!

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Keep in mind…

Amazing things start to happen when you take the courage to go against the demands of the rest of the world, and begin manifesting your truest destiny you were put on this earth to fulfil.

Protect Your Mental Health Through Meditation

Experiencing a hard time

We all go through difficult situations in our life. And if we focus on these difficult experiences for too long, it takes a toll on our mental health.

It is a natural part of our lives to go through difficult moments.

It’s even possible to call it a routine in our daily life.

They often hit us the hardest when we least expect it and when we are the least prepared for it.

These difficult situations causes stress and worry that can make you feel helpless and overwhelmed. You can feel heartbroken about what you’ve lost, overwhelmed by a plethora of unpleasant, conflicting emotions, or unsure of how to proceed with your life. 

You may even believe that your life is completely out of your hands and that you have no influence over what happens next.

Hard things in life get harder because of the ego.

But when you surrender to the reality that life is hard, life interestingly gets less hard.

When you wish for the opposite, life becomes even harder.


Change, growth and challenge is inevitable. What many of us miss is that challenges in life offer us the opportunity for something bigger. A side of ourselves that we never really explored.

When we aren’t fighting change and instead, surrender to it. We suddenly have the power to reveal a stronger, more capable Self.


If life feels difficult and hard right now, I want you to keep hanging in there.

Because the next best thing in your life might be just around the corner.

Remember what some people say, “There’s always a rainbow after the rain”?

It has always served as a source of consolation, wisdom, and possibly encouragement to those who have been experiencing difficulty. Hearing a rainbow approaching denotes a better outcome, directly indicating a brighter future.

But, based on this statement, we must comprehend that the rainbow will only appear after the rain. It speaks of order and time. It refers to a cause-and-effect relationship, implying that one must occur before the other.

In this circumstance, the rain that sometimes turns into a storm must first fall before we may appreciate the rainbow.

You might feel like screaming at the top of your lungs.

And that is perfectly okay.

In fact, this might be a sign that something really big (and amazing) is coming your way. But until then… What can you do?

How meditation can help you get through tough moments…

In trying moments, having a good coping technique can be really beneficial. It is critical that we safeguard our mental health in the face of these stressful conditions.

Of course, exercising, focusing on your life, getting enough sleep, and doing whatever else you can to make your life better can all help you get through difficult times. 

There are approaches that can be especially beneficial in dealing with difficult situations. And meditation is one of the most effective approaches I’ve discovered.

As we all know, difficult situations can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety, and meditation can assist to alleviate that discomfort.

Meditation, in any form — including breath meditation, chakra-clearing meditation, visualisations, and guided meditations — can help you become calmer and happier.

Meditation helps us manage stress and anxiety better. The more we practise, the more mentally resilient we become.

Meditation Courses are available with us if you want to explore meditation techniques. Meditation Retreats are also offered for those who desire to better their mind and body by experiencing a deep sense of renewal.

Learn more about the many benefits of meditation by visiting our page.

Forming a Conscious Business

What is the meaning of a conscious business? The most typical question I receive whenever this subject is discussed.

According to author and Google leadership development advisor Fred Kofman, Ph.D., a conscious business is how businesses create value through values.

A conscious business, at its foundation, is one that seeks to have a beneficial impact on the world for both humans and the environment.

A business that causes no damage, is conscious of the full impact of its actions, tries to improve, and solves at least one social or environmental issue through its business strategy or operations.

Conscious business is gaining steam…

The number of social entrepreneurs and conscious enterprises is expanding as environmental awareness grows and businesses are challenged to be more sustainable in their industry.

After sharing the worldwide experience of a pandemic in 2021, we’re seeing another 

paradigm shift, with individuals open to new ways of thinking about business. 

The need for a conscious business was highlighted during this time as more customers have also became conscientious consumers.

People are interacting with one another, exploring their interests, and assisting one another in earning a living.

People have evaluated the things of life that matter most to them during the global pandemic. They’re putting health and family first, evaluating what kind of work they want to undertake Spotify promotion, and seeking for new ways to bring meaning and purpose into their daily lives.

And building and sustaining a conscious company necessitates more thoughtful decision-making and an unwavering dedication to the greater good, with the payoff being the birth of a conscious trend.

But building a conscious business is often not what it seems… 

What was a beautiful dream quickly turns into an entrepreneurial nightmare as you get deeper into it.

From crippling anxiety, overwhelming workloads, and financial uncertainty… Building a conscious business without the right steps can prove to be an arduous and difficult venture.  

It’s no wonder that most entrepreneurs quit in their first five years.

While the remaining ones get stuck in a cycle of endless work & stress.  

This is why I created the Zen Academy.

A program that leaves no stone unturned to building a soul-led business that frees you instead of chaining you down.

The program goes over:

  • Crafting a coaching offer that sells like hotcakes!
  • Growing an online presence that attracts your ideal clients
  • Creating incredibly attractive resources that bring in consistent leads
  • Right way to build a community of raving, loyal fans who buy everything you offer
  • What a successful content creation strategy looks like  
  • How to become a “big name” in your niche
  • Building a business that you love, and pays you what you’re worth!  

And I will be your coach in this transformational program, Tom Cronin. I am also leading a global movement to inspire one billion people to meditate daily.

I’m now known as a transformation and spiritual business mentor to hundreds of clients, a corporate trainer recognised by top companies like Coca-Cola, Qantas, NOVA FM as a leadership expert, author of 6 books, and Producer and Co-Writer of the hit documentary film The Portal

I would love for you to have the same tools and knowledge that got me to where I am. Feel free to book a free exploration call with my team for Zen Academy.

Meditation Aids in Unlocking Our Potentials

As humans, we have limitless potential…

Being human is a wonderful, breathtaking experience. If we give it the time and attention it deserves, we can explore and uncover an infinite amount of potential. The road to realising these potentials may be long, arduous, and unpleasant at times, but there is a way to do it gracefully. Meditation can be really beneficial.

One of our divine gifts is the ability to tap into an endless well of creativity and infinite inspiration at will.

You know how they say that babies are born with the potential of giftedness?

Although all children have tremendous potential, only those who are lucky enough to have the opportunity to develop their skills in an environment that caters to their specific requirements will be able to fully realise their potential.

We need to nurture the gift for us to unlock their full potentials.

The same goes as we transition to adulthood.

 Most people encounter stress and worry at some point in their lives, and this isn’t always a terrible thing. After all, worry and anxiety may be a powerful motivation for completing difficult activities or doing things you’d prefer not do (but really should).

However, unmanaged stress and anxiety can begin to disrupt your daily life and negatively impact your mental and physical health.

Stress and anxiety can make it difficult for us to unravel our potentials. These unpleasant feelings can hinder our growth.

We were not made to live with endless mobile notifications and distractions from the modern world that causes us a lot of stress and anxiety.

This is why practices like meditation completely flips this on its head. Through a daily, consistent meditation practice, open source bitcoin mixer amazing gifts like endless creativity suddenly become accessible to us.

Coffee, supplements and taking breaks can only do so much to stir up creativity.

In fact, stimulations and a life of distractions are the very things that are stopping your ability to get creative.

Let me ask you this…

Do you know that feeling where you KNOW you’re destined for bigger things, but you’re just too overwhelmed to get started?

Are you unable to fall asleep naturally at night and just can’t seem to wake up on time each morning?

And… does it feel like your to-do list is never-ending and you still feel like you barely accomplished anything?

Here’s the thing.

It’s totally possible to unlock a life with less stress, less anxiety, and more joy.

How can meditation help tap into our unlimited potential

This is one of the reasons why I started my life-changing meditation program called Faster Deeper Bliss Program.

The Faster Deeper Bliss program is a groundbreaking video-based online program that will allow you to achieve rapid results in a short amount of time.

This is how the program works…..

You use what “feels” like a random vibration to send higher frequency vibrations directly to your subconscious, soothing your mind like never before….

You get to experience more Being, resulting in inner serenity and outer peace.

It’s both an internal and external answer. In real time, you can feel faster, deeper bliss…and it’s all coming from you.

Where can you find a meditation guide

We now understand the importance of assisting ourselves in reaching our full potential.

We can’t just let nature run its course without intervening to reduce stress and worry.

Meditation guides are provided to help you practice meditation effectively.

Tom Cronin, the creator of the film The Portal and the founder of the Faster Deeper Bliss Program, is here to assist. He also facilitates life-changing meditation retreats.

Dealing With Stress Due To Loss

How does it feel to lose something or someone?

We can never truly know or predict what life will bring us. You can be content with your possessions one day and then lose them in the blink of an eye, causing us to experience a slew of negative emotions. Meditation can help you get away from those feelings and deal with the situation.

Let me tell you a story about how I became aware of this reality and what I did to overcome the negative emotions that resulted from such events.

I’ve been very involved in helping the flood victims here in Northern Rivers.

I have watched people lose their homes and belongings and I am reminded of a sombre truth.

It can be so easy to forget how quickly these things can be taken away from us.

In 2020, many people have lost their jobs and businesses.

Losing employment in the midst of a global pandemic adds to the misery of being away from your family and friends. 

The typical stresses of unemployment, such as financial hardship and a sense of purposelessness, are all too real.

In a blink of an eye, everything in the whole world changed. No one was prepared, nobody expected what has happened.

Years later and the world is still recovering from the major event. We’ve only just started reopening borders.

And this was far from the only significant loss most of us suffered during the pandemic.

Some have lost their jobs, homes, and livelihoods, while others have lost a loved one.

So abrupt and unexpected.

This is the kind of loss that is nearly impossible to overcome.

Something beautiful emerges from these dark times…

But there’s one thing that we should keep in focus and remember.

During those difficult times… it was the kindness of other people that kept us going.

No act of kindness is too small to make a difference.

Kindness creates an inevitable ripple effect.

That’s the beautiful part of giving.

A single act of kindness will go on to amplify into bigger blessings.

And every chain of kindness always has to start somewhere.

Continue reading and I will share with you how I dealt with these types of situations effectively.

How does meditation help?

These types of events can increase our stress levels.

When you lose something you really love and value, the process of trying to recover it or adjusting to life without it can be mentally draining, and if you’re not careful, this stressful moment can negatively impact your quality of life and even cause long-term health problems.

That is why it is critical that you take deliberate steps to develop behaviours that will help you to cope up and protect your mental health.

Meditation is widely used these days for relaxation and stress reduction.

Meditation can help you achieve a sense of calm, peace, and balance, which is beneficial to both your emotional and physical health. 

Refocusing your attention on something calming can also help you relax and cope with stress. Meditation can assist you in becoming more centred and at peace with yourself.

Learning to calm your body and mind can help you relieve physical and emotional stress. This makes you feel better, more refreshed, and ready to take on the challenges of the day with a positive attitude. You can get even more benefits from regular practise over weeks or months.

And these advantages continue even after your meditation session is over. 

When you are thrown off balance in life because of losing something, it is nice to know that there is something you can do for yourself to be able to cope and fight. 

You can book an online course or a live course to try meditation and experience the calmness it can bring. Meditation Retreats are another option that’s life changing and will leave you in awe.