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It's okay to overthink in meditation

It’s Okay To Overthink In Meditation

Would you consider yourself as someone who ‘thinks too much’ during meditation? Having numerous thoughts racing through your mind… It’s ...
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Why Set Backs are AWESOME

Have you recently felt like life has been a bit of a challenge? Have things simply not gone your way ...
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Do You Fall Asleep While Meditating?

Have you ever fallen asleep during a meditation session? Trust me, it's a very common occurrence that has happened to ...
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The Gracious Way To Feel Unstuck

Sometimes you might feel like you could be so much further along your path than where you are right now ...
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Your Ego And Your Soul

Have you ever felt lost? Or you just don’t quite know WHO YOU ARE?  Well you are not alone. We ...
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How to Shift Your Karma

A good friend of mine, Anne McCue was in the country performing a gig last week. (She’s a rock star, ...
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Clarity Between Mindfulness and Meditation

Should you do mindfulness or meditation? Should your mind be empty or your mind full? It’s confusing right?? And understandably ...
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How Meditation Helps you Thrive in Motherhood

My Wife Is A Superwoman

Men have it easy sometimes. Why do I say this? Well, earlier this month I was asked to do a ...
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The Power of Routine

The Power of Routine

There truly are some amazing people out there. Not just because of these clearly successful figures I've used in the ...
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Why Moving House is like Meditation

Why Moving House is like Meditation

So I am moving house this week… exciting right? …………….. I know, I know, it seems a tad bit daunting ...
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The Portal Movie Screening

2 reasons why people struggle

After releasing The Portal Film, we decided to do a tour... We started with Australia, then headed to the USA ...
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This One Thought Could Change Your Entire Life

“Yadbhavam Tat Bhavati” ….what we think we become. I’m sure you often ponder the life you are living and if ...
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Since you came into my life Tom everything became clear. So far the guidance which I receive from you is amazing!. I am happy man.

Fabian Kilato

I have met many meditation teachers in my life but Tom talked right to my soul. He has huge knowledge and experience in this subject and his way of sharing it is extraordinary.

Justyna P

Tom, there’s no question my mood and my confidence has been significantly helped by you. I owe you a lot mate. There have been huge financial rewards from my progress this year.

James Willis

Just overwhelmed with gratefulness. You have no idea how much greatness you have brought into my life. I feel so blessed to have found you just at right moment in my life too. Thank you!


You are extraordinary Tom and a really authentic soul!! I appreciate you with all my heart and soul. Thank you for being who you are and sharing your help, wisdom and love to increase the vibrations of our lifes. Thank you for making this world a better place every day.


You are extraordinary Tom and a really authentic soul!! Thank you for making this world a better place every day. Your program is excellent.



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