2 reasons why people struggle

After releasing The Portal Film, we decided to do a tour…

We started with Australia, then headed to the USA (which was absolutely amazing)…

After each show, there would be a queue of people lining up to get their copy of The Portal book signed.

I have a fond memory of our first show in New York…

There was a queue so long that I was left thinking…

“Look at all these people lining up… there must be some sort of Hollywood Premiere happening here today”

… it was quite an incredible feeling to realise they were waiting for Jacqui (Co-writer and film Director) and I.But do you want to know something funny?

I was actually not one bit surprised by the turnout.

And here’s why:

For months beforehand, I had been visualising people lining up in New York waiting to get their books signed.

So when it happened, it was like I was reliving the moment over again.

You see, there is this thing called the “field of infinite potential“.

It means that anything has the potential to exist.

Think about it…

You take any of the great inventions, theories, books, or songs…

At one stage, they were all someone’s ideas or thoughts that just were brought into the physical world.

Now, you are probably thinking…

“If it’s that easy, why doesn’t it work for me, Tom?”

Well, it’s more than likely because of these two reasons:

  1. The inability to see your vision clearly.
  2. The self-sabotage that takes place when it comes to taking action.

That’s why…On your first call with me, I help you through the process of getting crystal clear on your visions and goals…

So that we can map out the sequential steps needed to see your vision become reality.

And as the coaching continues, we work on overcoming any limiting beliefs or subconscious behaviours…

That will lead you down the road of self-sabotage.

But if you want to go this alone, my advice:

(Honestly, just get a coach… it doesn’t even have to be me but someone you feel you can trust)

Get super clear on what it is you want – include every tiny detail… for me and the streets of New York, I knew what people were wearing (I could even hear the sounds around me… It was like I was there).

Then become aware – self-sabotage (it’s a silent killer)… you might not even notice yourself doing it…

But be on the watch for things like… backing out of situations by being “too busy” or finding “needless tasks” that take you away from moving forward.

After you become aware of these habits… Stop them!

**Note: this takes time… this is not a magic pill formula**

But if you stick with it and resist yourself from reverting back to old (bad) habits…You will start to see the magic happen and your world change before your eyes.

With 90 days left in the year, there is way more time than most realise people to see their vision become a reality.

Like, you could meet the person of your dreams…

You could start your own side business helping others…

Or you could finally break away from the ongoing stresses of life by forming a new habit (like yoga, breath work, or meditation)

Try not to wait for the New Year to start creating your vision…

But instead… roll into the New Year with what you have already created!

If you need help, obviously reach out to me at any stage saying “create my vision”

And I’ll get back to you with further guidance.

My Love & Power To You Light beam ?


Slight Plot Twist – My original vision had people queueing up on the streets of New York outside a bookstore but in reality, they were inside the cinema.

It just goes to show that, Yes the universe will work with us but…

In its own mysterious way!

Being Dumbed Down

There’s a saying ‘where your attention goes it grows’. The question is, where is your attention lately?

Each moment of each day our attention goes somewhere, and where it goes, it leaves a residual effect on you for better or for worse. If you move you attention to a scary film, your body will resonate with fear; if you watch a sad news story, your body will resonate with sadness; if you listen to an aggressive song with violent lyrics it will leave aggression and a comedy film, then lightness. The question is, are we being dumbed down by society?

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Being Seen

Are you afraid of being seen? Feel intimidated about speaking on stage? Holding back from realising your purpose in case you are judged?

We tend to think someone has a lot of ego if they love to be seen, and in a time of social media, this is like steroids for the ego. However, for many of my coaching clients, who are looking to impact the world in a positive way, the biggest challenge they face is NOT wanting to be seen. They wince and squirm at the thought of posting on social media, speaking on stage or getting their message out to the world. 

This is also the ego. The ego loves to be seen, or, is afraid of being seen.

Sound familiar?

I can totally relate. At times I can watch my ego oscillate back and forth, from loving being seen, to wanting to hide and never be seen again.

So how do we overcome this if we feel compelled to bring more light into the world or help support people through life?

The ego isn’t who we are. 

It’s a filtering process that can obstruct the flow of Wisdom, Truth, Love and Light that’s moving through us.

The Divine is neither concerned if it is seen or not seen. 

The Divine just is, and it expresses through forms. We are a vessel for the Divine to flow through. 

In Sanskrit, this is called ‘lila’, the dance of the Divine.

When we melt the ego away, letting it slowly dissolve along our journey of Self-Realisation, more of that flow will naturally unfold and expression will happen spontaneously, creatively and fluidly, with neither it being labelled by the ego as positive or negative, it just is. 

This is a process, so if you feel the ego rising up, and it will, just say “Hi”, give it a wink, and say: “I see you.”

If you feel you would like some support to overcome these obstacles so that you can find your voice and share your message with the world, then book a free exploration call with our team by clicking here. In this call you will get clearer about your goals and how to make them become a reality. Plus our team will let you know more about the Zen Academy For Transformational Leadership, my coaching program to help leaders impact more people around the world. Find out more here.


A Guide To Protect Yourself From Other People’s Stress

If you’re an empathetic person you’re probably having a tough time of late. A recent Gallup poll that surveyed 155,000 people in 140 different countries revealed that we are becoming sadder and angrier than ever before. 

This isn’t great for society and it isn’t great for empathetic people either. Being sensitive to the feelings of others and really feeling their pain, sounds like an honourable thing, but geez, it can be uncomfortable, and at times debilitating. Which begs us to ask the question, is empathy a good thing? If we experience the feeling of pain when others are in pain then aren’t we self-perpetuating more pain?

This is where compassion comes in. Compassion is where we understand that someone is in pain, and we feel love for that person or people, and our energy level doesn’t deteriorate. 

Compassion isn’t an emotion, it’s a state. Emotions are when we react to other people and circumstances. Compassion is a state that holds itself regardless of how someone else is feeling. Empathy is when you feel someone’s pain; compassion is when you feel love for someone in pain. It’s easy for us to sit and suffer alongside those that are suffering, in fact, it’s almost expected of us through our conditioning. Quite often the person in pain will want their partner or friend to also feel their pain so that there is a better connection. 

However, does that really help the healing, and support progress out of that state for all involved? Could Mother Theresa or Fred Hollows have done their work if they were emotionally affected each day by the people they cared for?

Compassion and empathy are very close to each other; they are both a sense of awareness about others and their state of well-being. 

But for empaths, one thing we have to be careful about is how much we allow that to deteriorate our own state. This requires mindfulness and practice to simply hold space for that person or group of people, to acknowledge where they are, and with grace, love and warmth, simply be there for them. 

This then becomes a guiding light and foundation of support for them, to release what needs to release, to feel what they need to feel, and be ok knowing it’s not causing suffering for you also. 

On the flip side, when it’s our turn to go through a challenging time, (and they will surely come), knowing we can lean on solid, unwavering support, someone who is going to be able to hold space for us and not fill us with guilt that we have turned their life into emotional turmoil, will be a welcome relief.

So how do we switch empathy to compassion? 

This is a process that requires some initial practise until you become more skilled in it if it’s not something you are familiar with. 

Check in with what your feeling body (read emotional state) is doing and mindfully elevate it to love. 

Love is the quality and essence of compassion. So pause and ask yourself, am I being pulled into their energetic frequency? Am I synching into their emotional state? Then from that unemotional place of pure love, simply Be there. Just Be. Give yourself the right to just Be. It will, in the end, be better for you and your health, and more importantly, be better for them also.

To learn to meditate, to cultivate a state of pure Being check out one of my Meditation Programs. Learn online or in person if you are in Sydney


7 Things That Happen When You Increase Your Brain Usage

You know those times when you see a film and you just can’t stop talking about it? It moves you in a way that you want to share it  with someone? Well I’ve had one of those moments. Why? Because this film is all about what happens when you use more of your  brain. 

To think most of humanity after thousands of years of evolution still only uses less than 10% of our brain! What would  happen if you used 20% or 40%? Find out!

Introducing the film Lucy. Have you seen it?

Sure the film has guns, car chases and drugs, but that’s just the packaging to get people to the cinema. Think of that as the wrapping  paper, once your gift is unwrapped, you discard the paper and the box it came in. It’s what’s in the box that’s important.

Brief storyline first: Synthetic drugs are made that when ingested increase your ability to use more of your brain. Girl ingests huge quantity of the drug and the use of her brain increases as the film proceeds. We then see what happens to a human when they increase the use of their brain. (Fill in blanks with good guys, bad guys, car chases, gunfights and Scarlett Johansson being very cool calm and collected!)

Is this all science fiction or actually, not only something that other people are currently experiencing, but something that you can also experience without the drugs? Read on and find out more.

According to Lucy, here are 7 things that happened when she increased her brains potential:

  1. Obstacles start dissolving.

Obstacles are those circumstances where we feel stuck, trapped, impaired and can’t flow forward in life. As we increase our brains potential, we don’t have problems, we just have creative solutions. You spontaneously attract things like abundance, car parks, and harmonious relationships and effortlessly find solutions to all your problems.

  1. Desire begins to fade.

Desire is what drives us to seek fulfilment. It’s the base motive for most of our actions. It’s the idea that I’m separate from that thing or experience and if I get it, I’ll be more fulfilled. As our brain usage increases the experience of the separation between you (subject) and the experience (object) fades, and an internal fulfilment flourishes, dissolving desire.

  1. Fear starts to fade.

Like desire, fear is the experience of subject (you) and object (something other than you) and the separation between the two. It’s the experience that the object could threaten you and that your survival is finite. With increased brain usage, one acquires awareness that they are more than physical limitations, in fact, there are NO limitations. I.e. they had no beginning, and no end, just as the wave regardless of its time frame, is always the ocean. 

As Lucy says in the film, “You don’t actually die.”

  1. Control over your body.

No longer at the mercy of the responses in the body, living as a slave to it, one now is aware of the powerful intelligence within the body and is now the conductor orchestrating how it functions. This ranges from not only healing oneself but also having mastery over the seeming physical limitations and controlling the cells.

  1. Reduced emotions.

Emotions are responses to circumstance indicating a binding effect that person or event had on our experience of life. We feel happy, sad, and angry in response to situations. The Sanskrit word moksha is liberation from the effect those events have on us. We are now free from the ups and downs of the emotional state responding to life around you. Some would say it’s a blissful fascination that one retains throughout.

  1. Empathy.

Lucy said: “I’ve access to 28% of my cerebral capacity. I can feel every living thing.” 

Admittedly this wasn’t conveyed very well in the film as she shot dead a number of people (ok, I didn’t say the film was perfect!), however as we do open up regions of the brain and dissolve the experience of separation with other entities, one actually feels how they would feel, because they are connected through the field of Oneness. So just as you have a finger, a hand, an ear, a toe, and they all look different and have different functions, if you hit your toe, your entire body feels it.

  1. Oneness

– Professor: “Lucy, where are you?  Lucy: “I’m everywhere.” At 100% brain capacity separation dissolves, one merges with the Unified Field. (Ok, I’m not saying much more on this one…it’s up to you to decipher)

So there you go, 7 great reasons to increase your brain’s potential. Now in the film this was all done by taking some weird looking blue crystals but it’s actually been proven that you increase your brain’s potential through meditation. 

Simply google “EEG-brain-meditation” and you’ll find numerous studies and images that validate this.

If you want to increase your brain’s potential, meditate. Meditation is an easy, simple process and anyone can do it.

Talking about meditation … I’ve been teaching meditation for many years now and still to this day I love watching someone transform through the power of stillness. You may not have discovered the very real benefits of meditation yet?  Or maybe you’ve been meditating for a while now, and would like to take it to a new level, or have someone guide you?

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We’ve helped thousands of people and I’m sure that we can help you too. I believe it is the best meditation training available online.


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