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Join global meditation expert and transformation coach,
Tom Cronin for an enlightening evening that will elevate and inspire you.

A night with Tom Cronin

- Learn how to break free from stress and anxiety and create your dream life.
- Discover how to live in the moment and let go of the past
- Find your life purpose and make it become a reality
- Explore how to dissolve fear and live in excitement and curiosity
- Tap into your power as a manifester and attract abundance

Join global meditation expert and transformation coach,
Tom Cronin for an enlightening
evening that will elevate and inspire you.

Stress Busting

Learn how to break free from stress and anxiety and live in a state of peace and calm

Mastering The Now

Discover how to live in the moment, break free from past and create a dynamic future

Discovering Your Life Purpose

Get clear on your vision in life and learn simple steps to make it become a reality

Freedom From Fear 

Learn how to melt fear out of your life and live with excitement, passion and curiosity

Successful Manifestor

Learn how to become a powerful manifestor and attract abundance and success in your life

Revealing the Secrets

Discover the secret code to living a life in flow, without friction and conflict

Transformational Leadership Development Program Modules

  1. Awakening the leader within
  2. Finding our life purpose
  3. Expressing yourself grounded in love
  4. Understanding the mechanics of change and learning to be in the flow
  5. Navigating the integration of daily life as an awakened leader
  6. Finding the mediums for your leadership to shine
  7. Understanding the ancient ayurvedic science
  8. Meditation teacher training 101
  9. Exploring the 3 advanced states of consciousness
  10. Exploring the masculine and feminine dynamics
  11. How to eradicate the ego
  12. How to open up your unlimited potential

Alternatively, you might prefer my private leadership coaching if you’re after something more customised, or confidential.

What’s included

Fortnightly LIVE group coaching sessions with Tom Cronin (meditation teacher, speaker, author and co-creator of feature film The Portal).

Access to private Facebook group where you have unlimited access to Tom, and virtual support from the Zen Academy community.

LIFETIME access to the program modules including videos, workbooks and resources to support your awakening and transformation process.

Today's session was a divine intervention for me! Thank you for sharing your insights, it was exactly what I needed to hear. I am so grateful, thank you!

Barbara Elcock

This leadership program is not for everyone

This is a paid group coaching program.

You’ll be challenged by the information and how it will ask you to show up.

You will require courage to face your fears, and vulnerability to tap into your deepest desires, including what’s keeping you from achieving them.

Truth is, levelling up is not for the faint hearted.

Extraordinary desires call for extraordinary thinking, and extraordinary action.

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Due to the impact of Covid-19, all Rise events have unfortunately been moved. New dates will be confirmed soon.

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Meet Tom

Tom spent 26 years in finance markets as one of Sydney’s leading bond and swap brokers. He discovered meditation in the early stages of his career, when the anxiety and chaos he was experiencing had hit a crisis point, and it completely transformed his world, both personally and professionally. Founder of The Stillness Project, a global movement to inspire one billion people to sit in stillness daily, Tom is passionate about reducing stress and chaos in people’s lives. His ongoing work in transformational leadership and cultivating inner peace through meditation and coaching takes him around the world hosting retreats, mentoring, presenting keynote talks, teaching and creating The Portal film-book experience, all part of his commitment to the current planetary shift.



"Tom talked right to my soul. His way of sharing is extraordinary.”
- Justyna P

"Since you came into my life Tom everything became clear. The guidance which I receive from you is amazing! I am happy man.”
- Fabian K

"Thank you for changing my life!”
- Brett M

"You are extraordinary Tom and a really authentic soul!! Thank you for making this world a better place every day.”
- Alicia P

"Just overwhelmed with gratefulness. You have no idea how much greatness you have brought into my life!”
- Susana S