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Hey, you see my photo.

I really mean it.

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Because I am grateful and appreciate everyone who engages with my content.

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In fact, I’ve received hundreds of testimonials from people all over the world who say my content is super easy to consume and can be implemented straight away.

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Listen to the page you signed up for. I promised to send you Faster Deeper Calm

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Since you’re here reading this letter, I’ve decided to go the extra mile and send you more amazing stuff to help you on your journey.

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These bonuses will include:

> VIDEO: Tips To Go Deeper In Meditation

> VIDEO: 5 Tips To Improve Meditation

> BOOK: Path To Peace – A Guide To Living With Ease In Rapidly Changing World

Each and everyone one of these resources contains proven methods to help you with meditation and move through life without resistance, worry, panic or stress.

Why will I send you this?

Why for free

You see

I Believe Every Person Who Trusts Me With Their
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And once again, I mean it!

One last thing:

Since the iOS 15 update…

Sometimes my email finds its way to the promotions tabs or spam folder…

If this is the case for you then follow the below steps that show you how to whitelist my emails in 40 seconds.

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NOTE: If you are on mobile just reply directly to the email and that will work but if you’re on desktop then…

Step 1:

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Step 2:

Click “filter these types of messages”

Step 3:

A drop down will appear, then click “create filter”

Step 4:

Check the box “never mark as spam"

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