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From: Tom Cronin, Spiritual Business Growth Coach, Meditation and Mindfulness Trainer


Are you stressed out and frustrated about how hard you are working without making the money you want and impacting more people? To help you create the business and life you want for yourself I invite you to attend my FREE Masterclass “Ascend to Your Greatness”. 

During the masterclass you will learn strategies and techniques like:

What Others Have Said About Tom Cronin’s Trainings

"I am beyond grateful to be working with you.” Shirley W.

"I’m finding such value in your coaching!” Kara G.

"Best decision I made for my business.” Soelae R.

Attend Our FREE Masterclass
And Grow Your Conscious Leadership Business

If you get access to my FREE masterclass now,
I’ll give you my FREE Ascension Business Blueprint where you will learn:

- The discovery that took my business from “drying out” to hitting $20k weeks (HINT: it has nothing to do with getting NEW clients!)

- How one of my clients hit $50k in just one month during the pandemic while the world was at a halt.

- What is ‘premium proximity’ and how it’s used to land High-Paying ($9k) clients.

- Plus heaps more!

About Your Masterclass Teacher - Tom Cronin

Tom Cronin is a coach, meditation teacher, author, speaker and co-creator of The Portal movie and book – and is leading a global movement to inspire one billion people to meditate daily! Tom was a finance broker for most of his life and had very little idea what his purpose or calling was. After breaking free from a job that led to a nervous breakdown, Tom has gone on to inspire other conscious leaders to what’s possible for them and their business. Tom has created a new business model and approach for conscious leaders, spiritual trainers and coaches, meditation and yoga teachers and breath workers to take their business and life to the next level. He calls his breakthrough approach “The Ascension Business Blueprint.”

Attend Our FREE Masterclass
And Grow Your Conscious Leadership Business

As Featured in the

As Featured in..

Attend Our FREE Masterclass
And Grow Your Conscious Leadership Business

What Makes Zen Academy Different

Over the past 20 years I've been blessed to work with some of the world's leading transformational brands, Fortune 100 companies and well-established coaches in the conscious space. And since this industry has more than tripled since I started out…

The clear cut path on how to build a transformational business is becoming foggier by the year - the online “build a business” space is more like “overwhelm central”.

You see… 

A Conscious Leadership Business Has To Have The Perfect Blend Of Both Your Online World And Intimate Coaching Or It Lacks Human Connection.

Whereas most programs out there just focus on the funnel stuff, Zen Academy focuses on both. 

Because right now with the current shift in people’s beliefs (the grand awakening)…

I believe conscious leaders and human connection are going to be very much at the forefront in developing the much-needed love, compassion, kindness, joy and understanding of oneself back into humanity.

And after helping hundreds of clients build businesses and act as a spiritual guide and mentor for them…

I knew it was time to open the doors to an Academy Specifically For Transformational Leaders

With a mission to shift humanity out of the immense suffering, conflict, dis-ease and overwhelm…

I created a fully immersive live coaching and accountability program…

For those who are ready to build a conscious business and transform the lives of thousands of people. 

Here’s What Tom's Coaching Clients Had To Say

"I am eternally grateful for the bigger vision you helped us create, your wisdom and helping us to see the truth of who we are. You helped us get through a very challenging time for us and grounded us. You are a very special soul Tom, and I am forever grateful I was able to connect with you.”

Vicky van de Lueght

“I have been reflecting on the past few sessions with you and the positive impact they’ve had helping me to get the proverbial wheels in motion and step past the limiting head talk. Truly grateful.”

Holly Shoebridge

"I am beyond grateful to be working with you.”

Shirley Winton

"I’m finding such value in your coaching!”

- Kara Goodwin

"Best decision I made for my business.”

- Soelae Riley

"I have very much appreciated working with you and having you in my world.”

- Binita Amin

"You have truly changed my life. You have helped me find deeper strength, calm, and confidence in myself that I didn't even know existed before. Your coaching has taken my life to an amazing new level and I am thriving in my life in a whole new way because of our work together."

- Stephanie James

"You saw my greatness in a way that no mentor ever has before. You reflected my divinity back to me. You were the only person in my life that could feel the expansiveness of who I am here to evolve into and the level of service I have the capacity to provide for the world. That reflection of truly being seen had ignited something in me. Not many mentors would honor the space I needed to evolve the way that you did. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

- Tanin Matin

"You have been fundamental in my revisioning of myself as worthy, powerful and a leader. Immense gratitude and love for you and your work.”

- Carla Wood

"Since you came into my life Tom everything became clear. The guidance I receive from you is amazing! I am happy man.”

- Fabian Kilato

"Tom, dear, amazing Tom I really don’t know how to respond to the space you hold for me. I am honoured and thrilled and scared and excited and awestruck by your vision for me. I am really (really) excited to realise it. And I do know that I can achieve this. With your support. Thank you.”

- Fern Evitt

“It's been an amazing experience and I am so grateful for all your help. I thought it would be months before I started getting clients but it only took 6 weeks. I have learnt so much.”

- Toby Mguire

"You have been such an amazing mentor to John and I this year and we are forever grateful. You have such a beautiful soul and people like you are helping shift the collective into this new world of love, light, abundance and everything that humanity deserves.”

- Courtney Purl

"Just overwhelmed with gratefulness. You have no idea how much greatness you have brought into my life. I feel so blessed to have found you just at right moment in my life too. Thank you!”

- Susana Vit

"Thank you sooooo much, very excited and inspired to get this journey really rolling!!!!"

- Zilla Carina Jonsson-Taylor

"This morning's opening session rocked Tom. Thank You! Lots of pearls in there."

- Melinda Batt

"There are no words to express how blessed I feel to be a part of this amazing group. Thanks Tom."

- Susan Coleman

"I have very much appreciated working with you and having you in my world.”

- Binita Amin

"Loved our first session. So looking forward to this!"

- Kris Perry Apungan

"Thank you Tom, this session has been awesome. I feel back on track, motivated and energised."

- Ali Mcevoy

"Thank you Tom, this session has been awesome. I feel back on track, motivated and energised."

- Michelle Stevenson

"A terrific first ever session for me. Thanks Tom!"

- Kathy Wilson

"It's really next level!!”

- Patty Jin

“So love working with you and benefiting from your knowledge.”

- Tiffany Jackson

"Today's session was a divine intervention for me! Thank you for sharing your insights, it was exactly what I needed to hear.I am so grateful, thank you!"

- Barbara Elcock

"Amazing Tom. So grateful to be a part of your awesome community."

- Tania Russell

"Thank you for the great session this morning Tom. There was something very reassuring and grounding, being in the presence of yourself and fellow Zen Academy friends. Together steady, open and true."

- Nel Hunter

"I’m literally in awe . There is so much good content , I literally have tears of Joy in my eyes right now. Thank you !! “

- Anthony Olughu

"Abundant thanks for another incredible session.”

- Nel Hunter

"There were so many gold nuggets in todays session. Thank you so much."

- Cate Bales

What's The Investment On A 12 Week Mentorship & A Completely Built Out Abundant Conscious Business?

The Zen Academy is not one of those programs that’s stuck together and put out there to make quick sales.

It has taken an amazing team of people (myself included) who are highly recognised experts in their field to put it all together. 

The result…

A fully immersive group coaching experience that includes in-depth optimised video training, exclusive live calls, handbooks, step by step guides, and a unique blend of over 25 years of spiritual knowledge and business strategies (which led me to make $25k in just one week)…

And of course, a whole hell of a lot of support - You won’t be alone! 

The whole investment will be $4997 - which is justified because you’ll be able to make that plus more back when you land your first high paying client with the strategies I give. 

But since it is the first year of enrollment…

I’m reducing that to $2997USD or $299USD a week for the duration of the training (no other program offers a payment plan like that).

I want to make it accessible for everyone - like I said the world needs more conscious leaders right now. So that means meeting you where your current financial needs might be at…

And providing you with a way of fully enjoying the benefits of the training while not having the fully invested upfront will allow you to make it happen.

It’s my mission to shift humanity out of the immense suffering, conflict, dis-ease and overwhelm…

At the end of the day, I am coming to a point in my career where “I’ve been there and done that” when it comes to business success… 

This Academy is the new role the universe is guiding me towards.

To share the knowledge that has brought me huge success with those who want to help change and leave their own impact on the world. 

So with all this in mind, all I ask now is that I have your full commitment to healing and making the world a better place…

What I share with you has the ability to change people's lives dramatically… 

And that you use this ability to help people live better, compassionate, loving, healthier and more open-minded lives. 

We do not use it to make some “get rich quick business” without a soul. 


Create An Abundant Conscious Business That Attracts Amazing Consistent Clients In Just 12 Weeks

By the end of this program you’ll…

Zen Academy For Transformational Leadership Round-Up:

Plus - Instant Access To These Bonuses:

Yes! I'd like to schedule my Free Strategy Session now.

Some of our Clients Testimonial

“Amazing group! The content is truly inspiring! Having Tom’s guidance and mentorship is an absolute privilege."

Narelle Hunter: Writer, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach

“Tom has a real masterful way of giving us insights and things to think about."

Tamera Jones: Leadership Strategist, Consultant, Trainer and Coach

“Zen Academy has helped me to clarify my purpose and to be more open and connected."

Bronwyn Hill: Massage, Healer, Mentor

“Life-changing! Tom as a coach and mentor has really helped me to find clarity in my message and have the confidence to share that with others in the world.”

Shay Ryan Douglas: International Speaker, Transformation Coach, Community Connector

This Program Is For You If…

This Program Is Not For You If…

Please note: This school is for those who are heart-centred, supportive of others' work or opinions and respectful of the select few who get the chance to join during the enrollment period.

Yes! I'd like to schedule my Free Strategy Session now.


This is my flagship program that will be run 1 Time every year. Once enrollment closes, that's it until the following year.

The reason for this is that the group will be intimate and work through each module together…

On the live calls, we will discuss the topic for each week, and plan for the next.

Certainly not...

I’m a spiritual fanatic who loves to expand people's mind, body & soul.

This group mentorship is the perfect blend of dealing with spirituality, mindset, blockages that are holding you back, consciousness and forging a path to enlightenment, awakening your innate super-powers of manifestation.

I've been in finance on the trading floor for 26 years and studied eastern philosophy, spirituality, the mind and meditation for 25 years.

So it’s a unique fusion of the two worlds (like no one else). Practical and spiritual.

A conscious business needs this for wholeness. Yin and yang 

Yes! We will actually offer a triple money back guarantee for the program! 

If you don't find the program meets your requirements, you find our customer support not up to standards or you simply don't like the colour of our fonts, then we will immediately refund you your money.


Gain exclusive access to live calls with me and the tribe (which will be recorded and posted in the member's dashboard)

Proven business guides and formulas that I’ve used to generate over a million for me and my high-paying clients…

And an accountability system to make sure you are staying on track with your business goals. 

Ideally, you already have your foot in the door with some clients, or if not then you already know what gift it is you want to share with the masses…

If you don’t, no need to worry as I have had members of Zen start without anything (no website, no offer, not even a piece of content) and within 6 weeks was up and running with some long term paying clients. 

This will require a commitment of time.

To create, scale and run a successful soul-led business you will need to put in some time.

Allow up to 4 hours a week including the live calls 

You will have the opportunity to continue working with me closely - this is ONLY if you fully complete the course…

That way I know you're fully committed to the ongoing expansion of your mind, body, soul & business.