“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.”
– Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Learn Vedic Meditation
with Tom Cronin

Vedic Meditation Courses with one of Sydney’s leading meditation Masters Tom Cronin, will bring you stillness in the very first session. These mindfulness meditation courses will guide you through how to meditate deeply using ancient techniques, ultimately leading to a calmer and happier you.

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed by life?

Do you wake up feeling anxious?

Do you feel sad, depressed and struggle to laugh each day?

Do you want to deepen your meditation and mindfulness experience?

Do you want to explore enlightenment and spirituality in a deeper more profound way?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, join Tom on one of his Sydney based Mindfulness Meditation Courses, to discover how you can create inner peace and sit in stillness.

What is Vedic Meditation?

There are numerous ways to meditate, including breath meditation, chakra-clearing meditation, visualisation meditation and guided meditations.

Tom’s certified style of meditation uses primordial sounds or mantras known as Vedic Meditation. In the Vedic Meditation course, you will receive your own personal mantra or sound to repeat effortlessly inside your head for 20 minutes.

Tom teaches this style of meditation after experiencing the huge effect it had on his own life, as well as the thousands of students he has taught all over the world.

Tom will educate and coach you on the correct technique and process to ensure you master mindfulness meditation through the Vedic Meditation course. You’ll discover when to meditate, how to meditate, why you have thoughts during meditation and how to master your mind with mindfulness.

Benefits of Vedic Meditation

Less Stress

Research from Dr Bruce Lipton of Stanford University proves that up to 90% of all sickness is caused by stress. Meditation and mindfulness are scientifically proven to help alleviate stress after just eight weeks of regular practice. And it’s 100% natural!

Reduced Anxiety

Studies show an estimated 40 million adults in the U.S. suffer from some form of anxiety, and 1 in 14 people are affected globally. Certified meditation courses improve our ability to manage anxiety. The more we practice, the greater our mental resilience.

Improved Sleep

Healthy sleep has more to do with the quality of rest, than the number of hours. A mindfulness meditation teacher guides you on how to calm the mind, so we can rest the body. Better sleep reduces stress, and improves mental clarity and memory, as well as better eating habits.

Greater Success

Meditation courses and mindfulness meditation can help you achieve success faster. Research shows meditation and mindfulness improves clarity, memory and focus. When your mind is clear and focused, your body is relaxed and calm, leading to improved decisions, productivity and success.


What’s included

  • Vedic Meditation course delivered over four sessions (2 days for group students)
  • Lifetime membership to Tom’s group meditations and mentoring (every Monday on Zoom)
  • Join future Vedic Meditation course for a refresher for free
  • Gift bag
  • Nag Champ incense
  • Spirit and Soul – Exploring The Seven States of Consciousness Book
  • Path To Peace Book
  • Calming and enlivening technique for life!

Upcoming Dates

Adelaide, South Australia
Sat Aug 20th: 11am – 3pm
Sun Aug 21st: 11am – 3pm

Bondi Junction, Sydney
Sat Aug 27th: 11am – 3pm
Sun Aug 28th: 11am – 3pm

Bondi Junction, Sydney
Sat Sept 10th: 11am – 3pm
Sun Sept 11th: 11am – 3pm

Bondi Junction, Sydney
Sat Oct 22nd: 11am – 3pm
Sun Oct 23rd: 11am – 3pm

Sunshine Coast
Sat Nov 5th: 11am – 3pm
Sun Nov 6th: 11am – 3pm

Group Vedic Meditation Course Schedule

These weekend Vedic Meditation courses are held in person in various locations upon demand, and alternately if requested, may be held on Zoom.


Session 1: Saturday Morning

In the first session of the meditation course, you will receive your personal mantra and learn how to meditate in this very first session.

Your first deep meditation in the group together.

Session 2: Saturday Afternoon

In the second session of the meditation course, Tom shares best practice guidelines to help you achieve the greatest results from your meditation practice.

Check your mantra and meditate again with the group.

Session 3: Sunday Morning

In the third session of the meditation course, Tom provides further guidance on how stress gets stuck in the body and how it’s released during meditation.

Check your mantra and meditate again with the group.

Session 4: Sunday Afternoon

In the final session of the meditation course, Tom shares the seven states of consciousness and how regular meditation will improve your life on every level.

Meditate again with the Group.

Private Meditation Course

Tom also offers private sessions if you prefer one-on-one courses and corporate trainings for your organisation, which provides greater flexibility with the timing and structure of the meditation course. These private sessions offer a more intimate experience which Tom can personalise to your needs.

Advanced Mantra Course

If you have been meditating regularly for 3-4 years with the initial meditation mantra that you received from Tom, you might like to explore upgrading to an Advanced Mantra. The initial mantra will take you deep to help release stress and give you direct access to Being, enhance your mindfulness, and the Advanced Mantra will be more of an expansive, omnipresent experience. To find out more about the next Advanced Mantra course email Tom here.

What Others Say

I can’t begin to describe the positive effects the meditation you taught has had on me so far. It’s really profound! I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this, you’re a good soul dude and I can’t thank you enough!

Cam W

Learning meditation with Tom has been life changing for me. I have never experienced such feelings of inner calm and clarity of thought.

Cindy D

I am quite amazed with this meditation technique, it's unlike anything I've ever experienced before and am very excited to have found it at such a young age and continue it throughout my life.

Adriana S

I did your meditation class at the beginning of the year and can I say that it’s been life changing. I have been blown away by the peace calm and also the messages that have been coming to me during my moments of solitude.

Lydia G

Tom really knows his stuff and is “one of a kind”! He teaches meditation in a unique, practical and really grounded way.

Sandra W

Learning to meditate with Tom has been the single biggest catalyst for change in my life, period. I would never have thought that such a simple, effortless practice, could bring about such a huge change in all areas of my life

John P

Vedic Meditation is a practice that is considered to be a transcending meditation style. We use a specific sound known as a 'mantra' to take the mind deeper, beyond thinking altogether. In this state, you have ‘transcended’, that is, gone beyond the thinking mind, emotions and physical locality. In this deep state of meditation two things happen, you get extremely deep levels of rest in the physiology which helps restore and rejuvenate your overall well being, secondly, it gives you an experience of mind expansion into a field of unbounded consciousness where there is no thought. It's deep, blissful and ultimately liberating. Very few meditation techniques will get you into this state.

Most students have glimpses or even more profound experiences of transcendence in the first few meditations during the course.

Everyone can use Vedic Mediation and experience the benefits that come with Vedic Meditation. This technique has been used for up to 7000 years and Tom has personally used it for 26 years and has taught thousands of people how to meditate and has yet to come across a student who hasn’t been able to meditate using the Vedic Meditation technique.

After the course you will be fully trained in the art of Vedic Meditation and able to meditate on your own each day. However, this is just the start of your journey which is why the teacher will offer you weekly support on their live group meditations and mentoring sessions on Zoom. These sessions play an important part in your meditation journey by providing you with a  sense of community, offering a degree of accountability and also refinement with your practice. These sessions come at no extra cost to the student.

When you learn Vedic Meditation you will receive a mantra based upon when you were born. This will be what's called your ‘initial mantra’. After using this for a few years you will be given the opportunity to upgrade to an ‘advanced mantra’ in a two-session course.

On the Vedic Meditation course, you will earn how to meditate. On the retreats, you will use that meditation that you have learnt and add it to a powerful four-limbed sequence called ‘rounding’. This process utilises yoga, breathwork and meditation to bring about a big shift in your mind and body. On the retreats, there will also be talks, workshops, amazing food and rich friendships forged. The retreats are a natural progression with your practice and are highly recommended.

The teachers of Vedic Meditation have committed to years of training to get to where they are. They have invested tens of thousands of dollars in their development as a teacher and many commit full time to their position as a teacher to help people live healthier and happier lives. They aren't financially supported by a monastery, ashram or religion and have to provide for their families and their own well-being through their work. Like all exchanges of value, for the payment of your training, the teacher is committed to not only providing you with a weekend training in the practice of Vedic Meditation but also with ongoing weekly live group meditations and mentoring to support the student with their meditations and integration of their meditation experience into daily life. Tom has been providing this service for over 10 years now and will continue to commit his support to his students.

Your Vedic Meditation teacher, Tom Cronin, is trained and qualified as a Vedic Meditation teacher.  

Vedic Meditation is a style of meditation. There is no governing body, organisation or leader. It is simply a very efficient way of calming the mind and body and living a healthier and happier life. It is also not affiliated with Transcendental Meditation.

Yes, Tom offers private coaching and mentoring for those who want a more personalised tailored program that includes guidance on how to move through life. These sessions can cover anything and everything from health, finances, spirituality, sexuality, life purpose and so much more. You can reach out to Tom via this website anytime to organise a session.

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