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Realising full potential with Self Actualisation

Fear of success or the fear of being one's best is known as The Jonah complex. Self-actualisation, or realising one's ...
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Protect Your Mental Health Through Meditation

Experiencing a hard time We all go through difficult situations in our life. And if we focus on these difficult ...
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unlock potential

Meditation Aids in Unlocking Our Potentials

As humans, we have limitless potential… Being human is a wonderful, breathtaking experience. If we give it the time and ...
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Dealing With Stress Due To Loss

How does it feel to lose something or someone? We can never truly know or predict what life will bring ...
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Mindfulness meditation

Combating Loneliness with Mindfulness Meditation

Loneliness is a common occurrence that we all experience from time to time. Fighting this type of feeling is difficult ...
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Where is the best place to meditate?

Feeling like a failure is one of the most painful experiences we can go through. We compare ourselves with others ...
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The Dark Night of the Soul

Recently quite a few people have reached out to me regarding this. Some are from Zen Academy, while others are ...
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Valuable Tip I Received In Writing My Book

Valuable Tip I Received In Writing My Book

I'm working on a book called DEEP CALM - a Practical Guide to Overcoming Anxiety and Panic, and I can't ...
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It's okay to overthink in meditation

It’s Okay To Overthink In Meditation

Would you consider yourself as someone who ‘thinks too much’ during meditation? Having numerous thoughts racing through your mind… It’s ...
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Why Some Turbulence Isn’t Always A Negative Thing

Have you noticed any recent disruptions? Protests, riots, statues being demolished, old systems being challenged, and some even being destroyed ...
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Going Deep In Meditation

Was this student afraid to go deep in meditation? Many people will find this absurd, but there is a very ...
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Do You Fall Asleep While Meditating?

Have you ever fallen asleep during a meditation session? Trust me, it's a very common occurrence that has happened to ...
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Since you came into my life Tom everything became clear. So far the guidance which I receive from you is amazing!. I am happy man.

Fabian Kilato

I have met many meditation teachers in my life but Tom talked right to my soul. He has huge knowledge and experience in this subject and his way of sharing it is extraordinary.

Justyna P

Tom, there’s no question my mood and my confidence has been significantly helped by you. I owe you a lot mate. There have been huge financial rewards from my progress this year.

James Willis

Just overwhelmed with gratefulness. You have no idea how much greatness you have brought into my life. I feel so blessed to have found you just at right moment in my life too. Thank you!


You are extraordinary Tom and a really authentic soul!! I appreciate you with all my heart and soul. Thank you for being who you are and sharing your help, wisdom and love to increase the vibrations of our lifes. Thank you for making this world a better place every day.


You are extraordinary Tom and a really authentic soul!! Thank you for making this world a better place every day. Your program is excellent.



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