Welcome to my Partner Program!

As you may already know, I have a huge passion for changing people’s lives with my meditation and coaching programs and I’m filled with gratitude that you have decided to come here to be a part of this process.

It’s really simple how this works. It just takes three quick and easy steps:

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What happens next is you will be paid monthly for any partner revenue generated through your own links. So easy!

The Partner Program Products:

Faster Deep Bliss:

  • A deep 21-day online meditation program that has been changing lives all over the world for many years now.
  • Retail Price: $197 or $66 a month x 3 months
  • Partner Revenue Share: 50%

Zen Academy For Transformational Leadership:

  • A 12-month coaching program to support and inspire conscious leaders in this challenging world.
  • Retail Price $2500 or $250 a month x 12 months
  • Partner Revenue Share: 20%

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