It’s Okay To Overthink In Meditation

Would you consider yourself as someone who ‘thinks too much’ during meditation?

Having numerous thoughts racing through your mind…

It’s like having your brain going at a hundred miles an hour.

This is actually a good thing.

“But Tom… I thought you were supposed to have a totally clear mind when meditating!!”


If we were all gifted with the ability to fall into a complete immersive state within seconds of meditation.

Then there wouldn’t be much point in a routine meditation practice!

We would all be walking around in complete bliss with perfect control over our mind, body & soul.

But we’re all still vulnerable human beings.

Each with our own flaws, challenges and imperfections.

And as humans…

We collect stress as we go through our daily lives.

All of that stress accumulates and is stored in our body.

Until all of that stress reaches a tipping point..

Causing us to fatigue faster, get burnt out all the time, and fall sick.

When you meditate, you start going into a deep state of rest…

It’s in this state where your body starts to unwind and reorganize.

Allowing you to operate at a higher state of mind than before you entered the meditation session.

Which is why…

The next time you sit down to meditate.

And the ‘distracting’ thoughts start entering your mind?

Remind yourself that this is your body’s way of rearranging itself.

That it’s perfectly fine.

And that the deep, meditative experience you seek, is not that far away.

That’s not all.

The more accepting you are of your body’s natural state of operating…

The faster you’ll be able to get into an immersive state.

No matter how long it has been since your last meditation session.

Which means…

No matter what life throws at you.

You’ll be okay.

I promise you.

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