An Introduction to Meditation


Learn How To Reduce Stress and Feel Calm and Happy Each Day


Learn how stress affects you

Learn how stress affects you on a physiological, emotional and mental level, and how a simple technique can change all of that, and why.


Learn about four different meditation techniques

Learn about the four different types of meditation, the difference between meditation and mindfulness, and Tom’s special 72/20 method that will enable you to fit meditation into your busiest days!


Learn how Deep Meditation saved Tom's life

You will also see how Tom went from a stressed, anxious and depressed broker to a global authority on meditation, a keynote speaker, author of six books, filmmaker and retreat host in the space of just a few years.


This session will reveal what Deep Meditation is and how it can change your life!

Session date: Thursday 7th October
Session time: 4pm – 5pm (AEDT)

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